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This modern kitchen in Anglesey has created a striking look with it's combination of Romo Blue worktop and bespoke oak cabinetry by bespoke kitchen maker and designer Tom Vousden. We worked with the clients to model a new space recommending they knocked the wall down between the original kitchen and the adjoining space to create this modern light kitchen diner that perfectly suits the family's needs to cook, relax and entertain.


We wanted to redo the kitchen , but were uncertain whether to knock a wall down to open up the space and how best to plan things once that was decided. We went to Mairead to help us and she was absolutely fantastic. She was involved in the project from start to finish, and the resulting kitchen and space is absolutely amazing. There were lots of discussions - I kept changing my mind and Mairead was really helpful ( and patient!) in working through the different options. Examples of the design advice - on the bigger scale: how to plan a functional but aesthetic kitchen - cabinet, drawers and equipment placement, flow and optimum use of space, island size and position. On the detail the beautiful Aluco windows, the wood and tile flooring, lighting, colour, bifold design. These really just examples - the amount of care Mairead put into the project was amazing. Chris Thorpe

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