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Mairead has quickly built a following for her confident use of decorative patterns and colour in her interior design projects. She creates relaxed interiors that immediately put everyone at ease whilst adding a touch of surprise, wit and delicacy. Based in North Wales, Mairead oversees a rolling portfolio of about a dozen residential design projects and several commercial interior decoration projects at any one time working in various contexts. 


Before Interior Design…


Before becoming an interior designer, Mairead has extensive experience in project management, client liaison and budget management built up through working as a CEO of a charity and arts organisation. She worked for over 15 years as a Producer in Contemporary Dance, where she managed many choreographers and produced a range of projects from engaging with young people at risk of exclusion, to developing Hip Hop Theatre to producing Dance for the Camera.

How it all started…

After having her first daughter and moving to Anglesey, North Wales, Mairead was ready to completely change her career and life. After she got creative during the renovation of her own home, friends asked if she would design their homes and businesses.  She set about retraining in interiors.

Mairead & Co Interiors was established in 2019 to collaborate with other creatives and to develop independent projects across North Wales and the rest of the North West. Since then, Mairead has successfully completed a variety of domestic and commercial interior design projects that showcase her eye for detail, and a balance between beauty and functionality. 

Residential Interior Design


Who says you have to choose between beauty and functionality when designing your dream home? Whether your interior design project is a renovation, or you want to give your space a new lease of life, Mairead will work with you to get to know what you are looking for – the perfect balance of textures, colours and patterns can create something that reflects your personal taste, and the things that are most important to you. 


Working with trusted contractors and suppliers across North Wales, Cheshire and beyond, Mairead can organise and co-ordinate the transformation of your home, so that everything comes together effortlessly. 


Commercial and Business Interior Design 


With a special interest in the hospitality and entertainment sector, Mairead has a deep understanding of how to make the most of public spaces. From Manchester to Cheshire, she has worked with a range of new and established businesses to make the interiors stand out and express something entirely unique. 


She has a knack of getting to the heart of what clients want, understanding themes and how to create the perfect feel with a balance of traditional and contemporary.


Contact Mairead


If you are looking to breathe new life into your home or business, we’d love to discuss your project. To book a consultation, or enquire about our interior design service, please complete the contact form below, and we’ll respond shortly. 


Interior Designer.
Based in Anglesey, North Wales

Interior Designer North Wales

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