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5 reasons why you need an interior designer and 2 reason's you don't.

Well I may as well cut to the chase in my first blog right? So here's my top 5 reasons why I think you should work with an interior designer and 2 reason's you shouldn't.

1. We're obsessed and we're experts so you don't need to be.

Most people don't have the time or inclination to look at tiles, colours, wallpapers, trends, lighting, bedside tables, brass taps, washable fabrics - or whatever it is - in the weird and wonderful detail that Interior Designers love. This level of detail means we are constantly breaking spaces down (not literally but in our heads) and asking ourselves why does this work? and why doesn't this work?....we're weighing up the value of items against their practicality, their impact, their longevity and so on. You're buying all that expertise, experience, list of trusted contacts and suppliers and knowledge. You're buying all that expertise so you don't need to develop it, just like you might pay for a financial advisor so you don't need to learn about pensions...

2 You will save money.

I know people find this hard to believe as having an Interior Designer is hardly a necessity in life. However if you are renovating or building from new, a good interior designer will save you money by making sure you get a scheme that is absolutely right for you and your business/family/friends. You won't buy things that don't fit, don't look right and go out of fashion. You won't be changing those rooms because they've never worked, the flow was wrong and so on. Through taking time at the beginning and asking the right questions, an Interior Designer will establish how to use the space correctly and avoid splashing out on the unnecessaries. We also know where to spend the money and where to not spend money - maybe one for another blog post! If your project is commercial and customer focussed - ie hotels, bars, restaurants, or a shop, I think an Interior Designer is even more vital. Everyone thinks they can do it and of course they probably can but it's the level of success that is so important if you want customers to pay to be in your space, to stay in your space, or to return to your space. Some people make their businesses look brilliant and they create a truly authentic representation of their characters, but if you're not sure - why take that risk? So often I see people set up cafes, holiday homes and businesses and they have put so much love and time into them but they haven't got the look right, its not clear who it's aimed at, they don't flow and they don't welcome the customer and they are badly planned. It's sad because its avoidable.

3. You will get peace of mind.

Some clients want to have the security of knowing it's all going to be OK. It's a quality assurance thing. They're not going to walk into their home or business and think hmmm this doesn't quite work. They can get on with the fun things in life and this of course can involve interiors decisions if they want to share the journey, or they can hand all of that over once the brief is agreed.

4. We are decisive.

Sometimes clients are obsessed too (see point 1 above) and this love of interiors can make committing to one cohesive look and making all the decisions difficult for these obsessed interior lovers and they become indecisive. Obviously I am totally decisive in my own home* We are all suffering from 'too much choice' and there are so many looks. An interior designer will have got a 'look' or a rationale for the feel and type of materials that they are using by really honing the brief and establishing a clear budget and will quickly know what will fit into the scheme and what won't. This decisive lead on everything you need for a space is incredibly useful if your project is moving quickly. Keeping the client on brief is key for a space that works.

5 You can be proud of your space because we all love to show off.

You will know that you have worked with someone that has really considered your needs, your style and your budget and has come up with a scheme that is individually tailored to you and your space. It will never be repeated. An Interior Designer should push you slightly out of your comfort zone as they will want to take your scheme further than you would. Your space can become the best representation of your businesses or personality and lifestyle.


Yes I hear you, I know you're totally convinced by now but in the interests of balance I've worked hard to find 2 reasons for not working with an Interior Designer:

1. You are an Interior Designer at heart

If you live, breathe and love interiors, are practically minded and are going to enjoy the process from beginning to end, I don't want to take this away from you. I'm fortunate to have some clients that tick this box too and they still love working with me so its not exclusive but this may be a journey you're going to love doing on your own so you feel more pride at the end.

2. You don't care what spaces look like or cost and no one that uses them does either.

I've met a few of you, you're a fabulous tribe and I promise we'll talk about other stuff and I'll try not to bore you.

*this may not be true.


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